Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Yard

Here's a few pics of how our yard is currently looking this spring. Can't wait for everything to start blooming!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Some pictures from today...

Sophie with her new toy she got this weekend!
Our two planters for in front of the garage...one on each side!

Two planters for the back patio...

Sophie keeping an eye on us while we were planting on the back patio...And...this weeks roses from Soulard Market!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Job Opening

Is anyone a Physical Therapist or know of a Physical Therapist that is looking for full-time work? Leave a comment!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello...almost a month again...

So I know it's been awhile, so here's some updates. I'm at home this afternoon sicker than a dog due to new antibiotics I started last night. I've ended up with like 90% of the side effects...lovely. So, Sophie and I have been laying in bed and watched 27 Dresses. Always good to watch it when the hubs isn't home because he hates that movie!

Anyways, Saturday we went to the Cards game thanks to our neighbor! He had 2 tickets for section 163 row 8, and they were fabulous seats with amazing weather. Does it get any better!?!? I think not... With our normal ritual we had dinner at TGIF's downtown and then headed to the game. We stoped in Kiener Plaza for a few pics and here's one of Mike. Unfortunately, got none of me and we don't even have kids yet! :-( Here's Pujols at bat...just picked one...have lots of pics from the game.

And here's a pic of Sophie from Sunday while we were outside washing our vehicles. She's going to the groomer tomorrow to get all trimmed up and then to the vet on Friday to be spayed. Needless to say, it'll be very strange around here Friday night without her. But, I know she'll be receive amazing care and love at the vet. Oh, and I don't have a pic of her new collar on her, but here's a pic of her new Coach collar! Like mother, like daughter!

I'm also very excited that we're getting to go on a sort-of vacation this year! Well, it's definitely a vacation for me, but a partial one for the hubs. His work's quarterly Director's meeting is at Perdido Beach Resort in Orange Beach, AL in August. So, I'm going along and we're leaving on a Wednesday (to drive all day...12 hours), spend Thursday and Friday (he has meetings 'till 1...I'll be beachside, poolside, and at the outlet mall), and then we'll stay Friday and Saturday night after his meetings. We're super excited to get away and spend some time together.
Any suggestions or recs for restaurants, things to see or do in the Orange Beach area? Just leave a comment...would love to hear!
Hope everyone's doing well...I'm off to take another nap before the hubs gets home from work!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So much to update and so little of time

I'm not sure where to start since the last time I blogged was in March. I have been reminded on several occasions that I am a bad blogger. I even got a new camera and laptop and there's been no improvement. So sorry!

Well Mike has been at his new job for a couple of months already and things are going well. He is very challenged and oversees 10 therapists. I'm sure he's a great boss! This Saturday we're hosting a family picnic for his employees at a park in O'Fallon, IL. We're definitely looking forward to it and as a boss it's really important to get to know your employee on a more personal level. However, it will be 97 so we'll see how fun we think this is coming Saturday! :-)

This Friday Mike and I are both off work and will be at The Orchards for a charity golf scramble supporting St. Louis Children's Hospital. The car dealership we deal with is hosting it for the 2nd year and we're thrilled to be playing in it. Last year I volunteered with my mom, but this year we're playing and she's volunteering all day again. What a great cause! It's supposed to be 94 so I just ran to Golf Galaxy and picked up a sleeveless polo. Don't want to get any crazy tan lines on my arms...

Oh, and last Monday we got a dog! Yes, I know many people are in disbelief over this thought as I am not a dog person and have always said no, no, no. However, marriages are "give and take" so I gave and Mike finally got a dog. Sophie did poop and pee on our carpet today while she was home alone for the first day and I reminded Mike when he got home that it was "His Dog!" Grrr! It did come out, but I'm still not pleased. So, Sophie will be getting stuck in the laundry room until she learns to use her potty pads. The good side of the story though is that she goes to work with Mike 3 days a week and gets spoiled completely rotten!!! We just have to work on her using her potty pads for the 2 days a week she's at home. Hmmm...any suggestions?
Well, for now that's all... I think I'm going to go lay down with a book for the evening!

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